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This unique artist-made deck of cards can be bought online and shipped in 1-3 business days, for only $30 (including shipping).

There are 34 cards in a deck, measuring 130 x 80mm each, 350gsm, rounded corners, matt laminated, shrink-wrapped, and packaged in a cardboard sleeve for durability.

What people have said about Anxious Creatures


“They literally made me laugh out loud...Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face at a time when I was feeling a little sad about the state of the world...I would dearly like to buy a few packs of these cards to support you and to place them around my offices for my teams who are all feeling a little anxious and depressed...”

“I have passed your Anxious Creatures exhibit and love it! My 8 year son and I saw them and loved it.”

“I came to better understand my own background with mental health about 3 years ago, but I definitely feel like if I’d seen your work earlier than this time it would have been a real game changer for me...Hopefully the mental health awareness message continues to spread!”

“I am a psychologist and animal assisted therapist... I am absolutely in love with them. They are so real and funny and I think would make a great addition to my practice.”

“I stumbled across these...Wow. I felt seen and heard for maybe the first time.”

“Funny, clever, and insightful. Well done!”

“Amazing. SO good. So many people silently and unknowingly battle with these thoughts and your work would make people every day they aren’t alone with their compulsive and unwanted thoughts”

“Very on point. Laughed at the truth. Thank you.”

“They are just so beautiful, important, funny and psychologically just so smart and helpful. Thank you!!!!”

“I was really struck by its depiction of intrusive thoughts (OCD). I have been suffering from OCD for many years and it is the first time I have seen this depicted in art.”

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